Message from Mr Fairclough

Dear Parents and carers

I hope that you and your families are well.

Over half term (next week), teachers will be spending their time with their families and therefore will take a break from updating and checking the blogs and emails, and setting work on MyMaths, but after the break this will resume.
I hope you and your children have an enjoyable half term and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mr Fairclough

Week 5

Hello 6K! Can you believe it is the last week of term already? First of all here is a video from staff at West Rise Junior to make you smile!

Well done for all the work you have been up to, as you know by now I like to start the week off by sharing some of the great work you have sent it over the last week. First up here is some work set here on the blog on Science (HPW, AB and AT), English (AG) and Lighthouse (JS):

Some incredible VE Day celebration work and activities from GP and FG:

And great independent projects by OB:

So, onto this week’s work. I haven’t heard from anyone that they didn’t receive the 2 books the week before last so I am assuming you all have the Maths and English textbooks to work through. For those of you who can access online work don’t forget To continue with your MyMaths. If you are finding this a bit tricky then go to for daily video lessons (about 15 minutes long per day – they are very good, and it is fine if you want to use other year groups if you would prefer). Then, if you want more go to: the Twinkl Hub( ), BBC Bitesize or The Oak National Academy lessons Or

Or, alternatively here is some different work:


This week we would like you to create an instruction text. You can choose what you would like to write about. You could tell us about something that you have baked/ cooked / knitted/built

For example a cake or your lighthouse or a something on Minecraft. Or it could be a new skill that you have learnt whilst being at home such as ironing or decorating. You need to include all the ingredients or equipment that you used; describe the method and remember to use imperative (bossy) verbs Illustrate with diagrams. You can use paragraphs and bullet points but remember to include each step.


We would like you to investigate the secondary school that you are going to in September. 

You could look at the uniform, the students and teachers and the timetables. You could research the school community/ houses and the school logos.  You could investigate what sports teams they have, what languages they teach, what countries they visit, what food they have on offer at the canteen or find out if there are any famous ex -students!

You can research on their websites below:

Click on the link to discover some thoughts and ideas for your transition to secondary school.


Over to Mrs Ford for this week’s whole school science investigation:

“Who managed to make butter last week? Well done to all those scientists who did! If not head on back to last week’s Science Blog and see how!

This week we will be investigating something very different,  we will be looking at Rocks! Just follow this link


Well done for all of you who completed last week’s Football challenge, this week it is a Gym and Fitness challenge. For more information see

Good luck with the work 6K, and please do share any work with me at or comment on the blog. If you have forgotten any passwords, send me an email and I’ll get it to you.

Take care, be kind and stay safe, Mr McKechnie.

Week 4

Hello 6K,

Wasn’t the weather beautiful this weekend? I hope you all had a good weekend and remembered some of the facts we learnt about World War 2 from Terms 1 and 2 (doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now?!). I was thinking all about when we had our celebration day and celebrated with Spam and Corned beef sandwiches as well as decorating the room with bunting. Just as I was thinking that I had emails from a few of you sending in your photos of how you had celebrated VE Day at home – thank you so much for sharing those, I was very impressed by all the bunting that was made!

As well as pictures of celebrating VE Day, the work that you have sent me in this week has quite simply blown me away. I could include so many pictures, but here are just a few. First up lighthouses from AB, AT and GP:

Some great science work from AT:

And your garden designs really were great – I particularly liked the creativity of MC’s dream garden by Mindcraft (complete with hut tub – of course!), AB’s ‘Avengers Garden’ by Lego and the way in which both FG and AT actually started to make their garden planters – great minds think alike!

In addition to all this we also had people making ponds, someone else learning Spanish, and so so much excellent My Maths – some of your scores are getting better and better every week, well done 6K! I am happy to say that as of today the average in 6K is now over one task per person per school day since schools shut – some of you have done a lot more than this – you know who you are, so keep up the amazing work!

So, onto this week’s work. First of all, I hope you all received the packs we sent to you containing Maths and English textbooks, some of as some of you have said that you cannot access work online and have finished the books we initially gave you. For those of you who can access online work don’t forget To continue with your MyMaths. Then, if you want more go to: the Twinkl Hub( ), BBC Bitesize or The Oak National Academy lessons

As an alternative to any of this, here are some other lessons:


This week, you could have a go at poetry and write a poem about  Spring or about VE Day. There are a lot of different types of poetry and in Year 6 we did ‘BLACKOUT’ poetry on WW2 but you can choose any type that you like. Remember – poetry is like a song, it doesn’t have to rhyme and can be as long as you like. Here are some examples of different types of poetry that you can do: Acrostic – write the word down and then use the first letter on each line to begin your description ;  Haiku – these are traditional for seasons but remember the 5 – 7 – 5 rule; List  – Begin each line with the same three words; Shape – Write the words in the shape of the object. Don’t forget to have a go at alliteration, description, personifications, metaphors and onomatopoeia.


Your Art this week will be to illustrate you poem; again you can be as creative as you want and use any resources that you have; paint, collage, pencil or chalk etc.


Mrs Ford has set another whole school Science experiment. This week it is about States of Matter (Solids, Liquids and Gases).For this investigation you will need; a small plastic bottle or plastic container, half a cup of double cream, some biscuits and a knife (and a camera to take cool shots of you in action to post on the class blog!). Click on the link to go to the lesson:


For the ‘Sussex School Games’ this week the challenge is … Football. Come on 6K, I know that you will be great at this. Here’s a link to an explanation of the challenges and a message from Roberto Carlos- World Cup Winner and Real Madrid Legend Well done for all of you who completed last week’s Tennis challenge, Mrs Kitchos has added our scores to our school’s total for last week’s sport and we have moved up the leader board! For more information see

Good luck with the work 6K, and please do share any work with me at or comment on the blog. If you have forgotten any passwords, send me an email and I’ll get it to you.

Take care, be kind and stay safe, Mr McKechnie.

Week 3

Hello 6K and welcome back, I hope you are all well and safe.

I’ve had so much great work from you all last week. Let’s start this week by looking at a few of the brilliant pieces of work you sent in over the last 7 days:

Topic, Science and written work by MC, HPW, AB, JS, AG and OR
Art work by DN, TE and LS
Keeping up Scouts work – including ‘camping’ and a virtual campfire.
Learning to play the piano

As well as this, I also received a video of one of you playing the guitar – absolutely amazing! Across 6K, during lockdown, we now have someone learning the piano, someone else the saxophone and now someone on guitar. Incredible! On top of this, two of you are also learning Spanish – what a great thing to do during this time.

Well done also to all of you though for the work you have been doing. There has been a lot of MyMaths completed since lockdown began, on average each child in 6K has completed 2 tasks every 3 days – some of you are doing way, way more than this so especially well done to you.

Again, for those a bit confused about work, what we have said across the school is start with your MyMaths then for more structure, if you want, go to the Twinkl Hub ( ).Year 6 also have your revision books. If you are looking for something different to Twinkl, then I would recommend the BBC bitesize daily lessons or The Oak National Academy lessons

As an alternative to any of this, here are some other, more practical lessons:


The additional Science work this week is a whole school activity set by our fantastic Science expert Mrs Ford. Over to you Mrs Ford: 

It has been great to hear about the cool science investigations that you have been carrying out at home! Well done to all our great scientists – keep up the brilliant work! Our fantastic Science partners, Empiribox, have put together some fun Science Investigations that you can all do at home!

Every week, I will attach a new link, simply click on the link and all will be revealed! There are worksheets that you can print off and complete (If you choose to do this, please keep them safe so that you can bring them into school when we restart – they can be part of an amazing show and tell session!) It would be brilliant if you could comment on our Class Blog to let us know how your investigation went!   If you get any photographs: of you in action, your experiment or your written work, then pop them on our class email – I would love to see them and share them with our class!

This week’s investigation looks at materials – conductors and insulators. Just follow this link:

Design and Technology

Your DT project this week is to build a model of a lighthouse. In previous terms you have produced some wonderful creations (e.g. WW2 shelters) and we hope that having the time at home will  give you the opportunity to create something special.

Consider household items to use, such as a Pringles tube for the structure and research the details and images on line. Good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing what you can produce! (I wonder if you’ll be able to make it light up?) BE CREATIVE!!!


This week’s activity, as it is Spring, is to have a go at designing your own window box / garden or even allotment. The choice is yours but be as resourceful as you can including everything you might need in your window box or garden during lockdown. You can do this any way you wish eg:

  • Draw or paint
  • Lego
  • playdough
  • Collage
  • Use your computer using publisher or paint or even Minecraft
  • Or even take a photo of something you already have at home
  • You could write about it using description


For the ‘Sussex School Games’ this week the challenge is ….Tennis. Here is a link to an explanation of the challenges Well done for all of you who completed last week’s Hockey challenge, Mrs Kitchos has added our scores to our school’s total for last week’s sport. The school is in joint 13th place at the moment – lets try and get higher up the leader board! For more information see

Good luck with the work 6K, and please do share any work with me at or comment on the blog. If you have forgotten any passwords, send me an email and I’ll get it to you.

Take care, be kind and stay safe, Mr McKechnie.

Term 5 Week 2

Hello 6K! I hope you are all keeping positive and well. Let’s start this week by looking at some of the brilliant work you sent me last week. Here are just a few examples of the fantastic work you have sent in:

Great persuasive posters from AG and GP
Fantastic portraits (including one with a face mask).
Lots of amazing additional work from AB

I’m sorry I can’t put all your work up here – a big thank you to all those who have sent in work. Some other additional brilliant pieces of work were: book reviews of ‘The Beast of Buckingham Place‘ by GP and GH; fantastic descriptive writing on ‘view from my garden‘ by AT; and a huge amount of MyMaths work from some of you (I won’t say your initials, but you know who you are!) – including a number of 100%s.

Well done to all of you though for doing work at home – whether it’s work from the blog, the revision books, the daily Twinkl work, MyMaths or just your own independent projects- you are doing really well and it has been great to see so many of you send in pieces of work, please keep the work coming! A big well done also to those learning new skill learning lock down – I know at least once person who is learning to play the piano, not an easy thing to do!

For those a bit confused about this work, last week we posted a whole set of work covering a variety subjects in addition to/as an alternative to any work that you have been already producing. We are very aware that this information didn’t reach some of you or that you were unable to access the blogs and so we are giving you guys another week to have a go at these activities (by now or later this week, you should hopefully have received a hand written note from us containing a flyer with all the relevant access information on). It is REALLY important that you keep in contact so that we know how you are and what we can do to help you access these activities.

For those of you who did complete the additional work from last week, as well as MyMaths, daily Twinkl work ( ) and your revision books here is some alternative work for Week 2:


Two skills that you will need in almost any job are  Listening and Presenting

Click on the links to the 2 videos (5 and 7 minutes long) and then answer these two questions:

-Why do you think listening is such an important skill?

-Why is presenting such an important skill?

Talk to those at home about how they have used  listening and presenting skills in their life. Perhaps these 2 videos have made you think more about jobs that you would like to do in the future. We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment either on the blog or via email at

PE – Sussex School Games

Check out the blog post below this one for detailed information about the Sussex School Games. All you need to do is ask your grown-up to sign you up on the Specsavers School Games website. This week’s challenges start today – and the first school games challenge is….. Hockey 🏑 Have a go at the 4 Hockey challenges at, practise over the week and record your best score by midday Friday at

The school games website and Facebook page has more information, including how you could win a ‘Creative prize’ this week for making/finding something to use instead of a Hockey stick…


This week, we would like you to have a go at a diary entry. Just like Anne Frank and Flossie in her Secret War Diary, who we learnt about before Christmas, your diary is about coping in difficult and unusual times. Anne Frank wrote to her imaginary ‘Kitty’ but you could just use ‘Dear Diary’.

You can use informal language (chatty) and remember to reflect on what you have done as well as how you have felt and perhaps you could add humour. You can add as many pictures and diagrams as you wish! Start each day with a date and include detailed descriptions as well as first person.

Also, don’t forget to keep checking in on your spellings list we gave you before lockdown.

For even more learning activities, you can also use these fantastic websites:

Good luck with the work 6K, and please do share any work with me at or comment on the blog. If you have forgotten any passwords, send me an email and I’ll get it to you.

Take care, be kind and stay safe, Mr McKechnie.

Virtual School Games

Competition time…

Launching on Monday 27 April 2020…


We know that school life is different at the moment, but you can still compete with the school to be Sussex sporting champions in the Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games 2020. 

Take part alongside your friends and teammates from school, win medals, trophies and prizes, and strive to be the very best that you can in this very special, virtual competition.

Each Monday morning during the Summer Term, a new sport will be launched, made up of four physical or technical sporting personal challenges, which can be done from your living room or garden. Challenges may include skills such as: how many times can you bounce the Tennis ball on a racket in one minute, how many star jumps can you do, or football kick ups.

Throughout the week you can practice, train and improve, before submitting your best scores in each challenge on ahead of the Friday deadline (12pm midday). Your score will be added to our school total, meaning that you will be part of the school team, and compete against all of the other schools in the county.

And it doesn’t stop there. There will be trophies in the ‘Active Adults’ category, meaning that big kids (your teachers, parents, carers and family-members) can all get involved and represent our school too.

Get Involved

It all kicks off at 9:15am on Monday 27 April with the ‘Virtual’ Opening Ceremony and launch of the first sport. Get updates, challenges and results direct to your grown ups email inbox by signing up here. (If the link doesn’t work, search Specsavers School Games, and click ‘sign up’ there). You can also check the school’s Facebook page and the class blogs for details about the weekly challenges.

Additionally, you could follow the virtual challenge on social media for a chance to win more prizes and some special surprises:

Twitter: @SussexSchGames
Facebook: Specsavers Sussex School Games
Instagram: @SussexSchGames
TikTok: @SussexSchGames

Training Prizes

Practice makes perfect, and to be your very best you are encouraged to train and improve during the week. 

Simply upload your training videos and pictures to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and include the hashtag #SussexSchGames, and a weekly winner will be selected at random, giving you the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher as a prize.

For more information please ask your grown up to contact:

Mrs Kitchos at

Or the School Games events officer Ed Bartram

All you need to do for now is ask your grown up to sign up on the Specsavers School Games website and watch out for the challenges every Monday.


Term 5 here we go!

Hello 6K! Thank you so much to all of you who have sent in pictures of the work you have been doing. To make it easier for you send in your work so we can share it on the blog here is a new email address:  I will check this at least once a day, so get sharing! For now though, here are some amazing Titanic pictures from the work GP has done to inspire you all:

Well done for those of you who have been completing the daily work at and on MyMaths. PLEASE email me if you need your log in. In addition to these as well as reading and your Year 5/6 spellings, each week we will now set you additional work. If you can, let me know about any work you have done either through this blog or via the email address, it would be great to see your work. In addition to Maths (please try and complete at least one activity per day), here are 5 additional pieces of work for this week – one Topic, two English, and two Art:


Building on what we have learnt on climate change, research into climate solutions and positive action that is being taken. Record your findings and ideas in an information text.


  1. Descriptive writing – describe what you see out of your window, look in great detail.

Remember to use:

Powerful vocabulary: adjectives, adverbs

Simile – …like a …

Extended noun phrase (The unexpectedly welcome sunshine warmed the hard, frosty ground.)

Fronted adverbials – When? Where? How?

2. Design a persuasive poster asking people to stay at home, using persuasive language techniques

Their main purpose is to persuade the reader to see an argument from their point of view and change their mind, buy or support something.

  • An introductory paragraph that states the argument

Words like

           Some believe that…

            In my opinion…



            For this reason…

            I feel that..


            I am sure that…



            It is certain…

  • Each paragraph states a reason or opinion and then is followed by 2 or 3 pieces of evidence to support it. 
  • Points out the arguments for and against
  • Use facts/ statistics and science that support the evidence given
  • Ask the reader questions that encourages them to think
  • A strong concluding paragraph that sums up the main argument


1. draw a portrait of a family member – use the guide sheet:

2. Draw the scene from your window that you have described in your descriptive passage

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and being the amazing people you all are and showing off our West Rise character traits. Here are some messages from 6K:

Mr Cruise says: “I miss you all, stay safe and I’m really proud of you for getting through these hard times!”

Mrs Hollands says: “I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy and learning new skills. Looking forward to seeing all of you as soon as it’s safe.

Miss Durbidge says “Missing you all, I hope you are all well and keeping safe – it’s great reading what you’ve been doing at home and I’d love to hear what new skills you have been learning.”

Miss Beard says “Hi 6K, hope you are all well and keeping yourselves safe! While you are at home don’t forget to have a look at the Wellbeing Blog would be great if you could leave a little message in the reply box to let me know how you’re doing.”

Take care 6K, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr McKechnie

Have a nice holiday break

Beeches Infant School | A Spring Thing!

Hello again all, thank you to all of you who have visited the blog and commented so far – you can see the comments so far by clicking on the comments button at the bottom of the ‘Hello and welcome…’ post. Keep the messages coming in! For now, here is a message from Mr Fairclough:

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will have seen from my last message, we have a number of optional educational activities for your children to do. For your information, over the Easter break, teachers will be spending their time with their families and will respond to the blog posts when they can. My Maths will not be checked over the break. After Easter, the blogs and MyMaths will be checked by your child’s class teacher on a daily basis.

Happy Easter to you all

Mr Fairclough

Have a great break everyone, and stay safe,

Mr McKechnie.

Hello and welcome…

Hello wonderful 6K!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you are all okay, trying to keep yourselves busy and behaving yourselves, during this strange time.

First things first, please read the ‘Blogging Guidelines’ at the top of the page before you go any further.  (If you’re viewing this on a mobile phone or tablet you may need to click on MENU to find these).

As you know, there is plenty of work on MyMaths, so if you haven’t been on there in a while then you know what to do. A massive WELL DONE to those of you who have done a few already. If you have forgotten your log in details, send an email to Mr Fairclough at and he will arrange for those to be sent to you asap.

We would also like you to log into Twinkl at where you will find a timetable of work to fill your days and these are updated daily!  The password code is: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

In addition to this, after Easter I will set you a weekly activity based upon our Topic work.

Don’t forget to keep up with your diaries ( possibly in the style of Flossie’s War Diary – with some lovely illustrations!) they will be a great record of this time.

My Secret War Diary timeline | Timetoast timelines

At the bottom of each post you can add a comment, just click on ‘leave a comment’ (remember, no names, just initials please) – so we can stay in touch!  

Your comments are added to the blog once I have read and verified them, which I will try to check at least once a day.

So, let’s get started. I know what a fantastic class you are, so let’s hear which West Rise character traits you have shown over the last week.

Have you shown:

Love of Learning? (e.g. perhaps you have learnt a new skill)

Perseverance/ Resilience? (e.g. having a positive outlook, creating a rainbow for your window)

Gratitude? (e.g. being grateful to be with those you love)

Respect? (e.g. listening to your parents/carers)

Teamwork? (e.g. helping out around the house)

Kindness? (e.g. being extra nice to a sibling or family member)

Click on ‘leave a comment’ at the bottom of this post to let us know

which ones you’ve displayed and how.   Remember to use your initials only – DO NOT put in any full names or emails anywhere in your comment, leave author and email details blank.

As we are now into April, Mrs Lumby has found this wonderful calendar for us. It gives you lots of suggestions of things you can do throughout this month to help you and those around you feel good.

I look forward to hearing what positive activities you get up to, and don’t forget, if you’ve got a message you want me to read but don’t want put up on the blog please do say in your comment box.

Mr McKechnie, Miss Durbidge and Mrs Hollands

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